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Burning porcelain (2021)

Original title in Estonian: Põlev portselan

Students film | Drama Duration 08:16

Plot summary

The short film is made by first year film students. It tells a story of accepting one’s new self after a traumatic accident.

A young woman in a wheelchair, Eleonor (Luisa Lõhmus), returns to her childhood home. She goes into her old room. Nothing has changed. The bed, the make-up table, the doll, all in the same place. Her face is covered with sunglasses. She tries to reach for the light switch but she cannot reach it. To get even a bit of light, she then tries to light the fireplace. As she lights the match, a small flame explodes. It frightens her. It reminds her of something. The sound of the flames is growing. Her wish to get some light into the room leads her to the make-up table, on which there is a small lamp. Eleonor is now forced to look at herself in the mirror. Fighting 3 against the traumatic memories she decides to put some make-up on herself. But it is all too much for her. She does not want to look at herself anymore. She wants it to be dark again. She tries to pull the curtains to cover up the window. Eventually she falls on the floor, the curtains fall down on her. She cries. And it’s pouring outside. Eleonor sobs.

Keywords: forgiving | scar on face | making peace | recollecting | applying makeup | shadows of the past | memories | fire | View all »

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