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Painting recreation exercise (2021) (2021)

Original title in Estonian: Maalietüüd (2021)

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Students film | Comedy Duration 13:02

1. The young men gathered around a farmhouse table make fun of their landlord's hunting stories that don't sound at all credible. However, soon they will turn into enthusiastic huntsmen themselves as they try and catch the noisy fly that has entered the room and caught everyone's attention.
2. Drunk Viktor has just come back from a hunt and is now telling his friend about the dog-sized duck he saw. Viktor talks about it seriously, but the others, also drunk, find it rather funny. One of the men goes a bit too far with joking and Viktor gets angry at him. ...

Director: Franz Malmsten jr | Greta Liht | Elis Rumma | Iris Peil | Katariina Škurinski | Alexandra Pärn

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