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Captain Anti-Diet Man (2020)

Original title in Estonian: Kapten Anti-Dieet Mees

Feature film | Students film | Comedy Duration 21:52

Plot summary

Superhero movie about diet foods.

Captain-Anti Diet Man (Raul Esko) and his sidekick Cheester (Mark Sagar) stumble upon a case of mysterious supersmoothies. The Captains love and friendship start to collapse as he is trying to figure out a balance between diet foods and the life of a superhero. Eventually Captain and Cheester fall into the hands of Vegetron (Jaco Lembit Sepp), the creator of evil smoothies. Aper a hard baele Captain beats Vegetron by pouring a supersmoothie on his face. At the end of the day, everyone reconciles and eats pizza together. 

Keywords: diet | commitment to a purpose | superkangelane  | friendship | eating behaviour | View all »

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