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Poo And Spring (2021)

Original title: Kaka ja kevad

Based on short story "Poo and Spring" by Andrus Kivirähk

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Animation Duration 09:34

The movie spins a melodramatic tale of longing, friendship, and birth and death of love. Love dies often. People often die for love and die with their beloved. Yet love is essential for the circle of life to keep turning!
A stray dog gives birth to the main character, Poop, on a marvellous spring day. The young Poop befriends a Sparrow, who educates him in ways of life. Observing loving sparrow family’s ventures from his shanty throughout autumn and winter, a desire for a beloved arises in Poop’s chest. Along with spring, Poop discovers a glorious Buttercup growing right next to ...

Director: René Vilbre

Keywords: getting married | marriage proposal | love at first sight | continuation of life | partners | people in the street | casual encounter | järeltulija | spring | spring mood | View all »

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Production Firm(s) A Film Eesti
Film Category Animation, Other types of animation
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Subtitles English, Russian
Duration 09:34

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