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The Real Rannap (2021)

Original title: Päris Rannap

Documentary Duration 82:00


Composer and pianist Rein Rannap’s contribution to Estonian music is priceless, but his personality is very complex and contradictory. In numerous TV shows, viewers have met exactly the Rannap that he chooses to show them at that very moment.
He has a superb ability to put on a mask and present carefully composed text in interviews. When cameras are rolling, Rein slips into his role. He can play the role very colourfully, creating conflicts and throwing juicy comments at singers at rehearsals. The authors of the film were above all attracted to the personality of the composer, driven by the desire to pull the mask off the maestro and show the real Rannap to the extent possible.
They succeeded, as the portrayed was startled after watching the film – he had not seen himself like that from the viewpoint of others.

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