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Mephistopheles (2020)

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Documentary Duration 60:00


This happened a few years ago in Santiago de Compostela, in the world's oldest hotel. I had presented what I thought was a brilliant idea to Linnar Priimägi at the tea table, when the esteemed professor became irritated and unleashed Mephistopheles from himself. This was quite a fireworks. In the next 15 minutes, I learned the whole truth about myself. Priimägi wondered how the earth could ever carry such a stupid person. After finishing his enlightening diatribe at my address, he relented and said, “Manfred, you have to make a movie about me.” I refused immediately. I may be stupid, ...

Director: Manfred Vainokivi

Keywords: beauty | beauty ideals | home | figurative art | sexual minorities | social democratic views | theatre | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Filmivabrik
Film Category Documentary, Portrey
Duration 60:00


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Producer Marju Lepp
Director Manfred Vainokivi
Screenwriter Manfred Vainokivi
Cinematographer Manfred Vainokivi
Sound Designer Horret Kuus | Henri Kuus
Editor Kersti Miilen

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  • on filmfestival: 15.11.2020, World Premiere, PÖFF, Tallinn, Estonia

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