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Look what you made me do (2020)

Students film | Drama Duration 14:09

Plot summary

Psychological drama about abusive relationships.

Ingmar (Pääru Oja) refuses to accept the end of his relationship with Liisa and pays a surprise and unwanted visit to her on an anempt to talk things through. Ingmar is ignored and Liisa threats to call the police if he doesn’t leave. Ingmar can’t cope with his own emotions and overreacts creating a commotion. Ingmar gets drowned in his own anger. He goes to a swimming pool to relax and that’s where he meets and flirts with Anne (Jaanika Arum). They go for dinner in a fancy restaurant and continue the night at Anne’s hotel room. Once inside the room, Ingmar begin to be dominating, intrusive and aggressive. Anne accidentally spills a glass of wine on Ingmar’s shirt and he outburst on a rampage, overreacting and making a scene. Anne finally manage to evict Ingmar out of the room and again, Ingmar finds himself locked outside a door creating drama.

Keywords: car ride | pool | hotel | hüljatus | hallway | criminal relationships | manipulating | man-woman relationship | nartsitsism | restaurant | mental abuse | mental illness | rainfall | View all »

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