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Dryland (2020)

Students film | Drama Duration 17:00

Plot summary

Dryland is a Drama set in the 1930’s Estonia, where two smugglers, Mirtel and Ari meet under strange circumstances with a goal to smuggle alcohol across to Finland.
Mirtel (Anne Tyrnpu) has a past, and I conflicted with the arrival of Ari (Santeri Helinheimo Mäntylä). They both set out on this journey. The stakes are high, there are various other threats and circumstances that Ari and Mirtel come across. Ari manages to win Mirtel gradually with his small acts and gestures. Just when everything has settled, Mirtel realises a threat. Mirtel makes a very big decision which might cost her a lot, yet the stern decision made is very cold. Mirtel decides to drop her burden in an unexpected manner and continues her journey amidst all the harshness.

Keywords: betrayal | illicit traffic | death | journey | fire | trusting | View all »

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