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Toru did it (2020)

Original title in Estonian: Toru töö

Students film | Comedy | Horror Duration 08:15

Plot summary

The short film tells the story of a group of young people who have gone to the country to guard their grandmother's home for the weekend, but no one can predict what will happen at night.

Grandma’s cottage is empty for the weekend and the youngsters use the opportunity for a get-together. To have an even better time, they decide to watch a horror movie. Jaanus takes Emma out to have a look at the bunnies, but Emma’s attempts at getting closer to Jaanus fail due to the escape of a bunny. Jaanus runs after the creature in terror, leaving Emma behind in the yard.
At the same time, the dog has brought a dead rabbit into the house. Lea and Illimar are perplexed and do not know what do. When Emma returns, the youngsters agree not to tell Jaanus about the incident. A muddy Jaanus, who fell into a hole while looking for the rabbit, appears a moment later. Emma immediately starts grooming him to let the rest of the group deal with the corpse. The bunny is cleaned and placed back into its cage. Suddenly a car drives into the yard, from which grandma Juta unexpectedly exits. When her desired booze has been found, grandma leaves to rejoin her party, but discovers a dead rabbit in the cage.
The group has to explain how the pet she buried last week, reappeared back into its cage.

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