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Tol mör vös - Joint Winter Ceremony (2019)

Original title: Tol mör vös - talvine ühispalvus

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Documentary Duration 66:00

Tol mör vös - Joint Winter Ceremony

In the 17th-18th century, the Udmurts, to escape Christianization and social pressure moved massively eastwards from the Kama River. They found refuge among the Bashkirs who were moslem and allowed them to follow the ways of their ancestors. Soviet anti-religious campaigns failed to root out the Udmurts' religious traditions although in some villages public prayers were cancelled for a while. Today amidst the Eastern Udmurts the traditional Udmurt faith is reborn, in almost all villages prayer ceremonies are carried out. The main aim of the ceremonies is to guarantee the favour of the gods, to pray for the health of ...

Director: Liivo Niglas

Keywords: animism | ethnography | village | village settlement | külaasula | village residents | village atmosphere | village setting | village people | sacrificial rites | View all »

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Production Firm(s) MP DOC
Film Category Documentary, Anthropological
Duration 66:00


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Producer Liivo Niglas
Director Liivo Niglas
Cinematographer Liivo Niglas

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