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Yasmeena (2019)

Students film | Fantasy Duration 06:40

Plot summary

The story about a little girl who encounters an Alien after accidentally taking a mysterious huge egg and trying to incubate it in her room.

It’s about Yasmeena (Mirtel Kollo), 7 years old, living with her father (Kristo Klausson). Yasmeena is in a graveyard with her father, her cat has passed away. The next morning, Yasmeena finds a way to skip school and go look for a cat in the neighborhood, she finds a huge egg, she hides within her backpack and gets it back to her room. Yamseema looks after the egg, keeps it warm using many different childish methods, like reflecting the sunlight, and working with candles. Meanwhile, her father tries to cheer her up, but she rejects him. One night, the egg starts glowing, and while she is sleeping, a huge light strikes in her room and wakes her up, it is a spaceship landed in the backyard, she goes out to encounter an Alien, somehow Yasmeena knows that the Alien wants the egg back, so she gives him back the egg.
Meanwhile, the father is surprised by what is happening in the backyard of his house, but can not react. Next morning, her father gets her a little kitten.


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