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Metroo Summer Seminar in Gotland, August 1981 (1981)

Title in Estonian: Metroo suveseminar Ojamaal, august 1981

Enn Nõu's video cassette No. 110, piece 1/6

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Amateur film Duration 102:17

Metroo Summer Seminar in Gotland, August 1981

Metroo summer seminar in Gotland, August 1981. Among participants are Aleksander Loit, Virve Aruoja, Ülo Ignats, Jüri-Karl Seim, Enn Nõu and other active, young expatriate Estonians in Sweden of that era. The participants and the activities of the summer seminar are being forwarded in a humorous way, focusing on unexpected situations and details. Common meals outdoors, lectures on various subjects. Virve Aruoja recalls her work with various programmes in Estonian TV. Discussion about journalism ethics. Two pieces "Anger" and "Happiness" have completed on a roll of paper as the result of art therapy class, people analysing the works. The youth ...

Keywords: discussion | Estonian language | efforts to preserve Estonianhood | talks | hobby | washing oneself in the morning | analysis of the artwork | crafting | teaching crafts | children | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Enn Nõu (Sweden)
Film Category Amateur film, Newsreel
Text / Dialogue Estonian, Swedish
Duration 102:17


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Cinematographer Enn Nõu

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