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Heino and Emily's Engagement Party in Askvägen in 1989 (1989)

Title in Estonian: Heino ja Emily kihluspidu Askvägenil 1989

Enn Nõu's video cassette No. 17, piece 25/30

Amateur film Duration 06:06

Heino and Emily's Engagement Party in Askvägen in 1989

Enn and Helga Nõu's son Heino is getting engaged with Emily. Their engagement party is held in the Nõu family's home in Askvägen on May 21, 1989. Heino Kiik, Eva and Lauri Gustavson from Estonia are visiting. They sing "May You Live Long!" to the young couple. Heino and Emily open their presents, a festive dinner and social conversation follow.

Keywords: Estonians abroad | engagement | engagement party | domestic atmosphere | house party | treating one's guests | singing | young people in love | young couple | congratulating the newlyweds | View all »

Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Enn Nõu (Sweden)
Film Category Amateur film, Newsreel
Text / Dialogue Estonian, Swedish
Duration 06:06


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Cinematographer Enn Nõu

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