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Question of Honor (2019)

Original title (in Estonian): "Auasi"

Students film Duration 21:34

Kalju and his grandchild Aleksander take a journey to find an Estonian flag, that Kalju hid 70 years ago from Soviets. The timing is important to both man - Kalju is afraid that he might nor be able to do it in the future, Aleksander plans to leave Estonia soon and suspects that grandfather might doubt in his patri- otism. The journey might prove to grandpa that Aleksander really cares about his fatherland.

Director: Aleksander Seema

Keywords: searching | patriotism | family | grandfather and grandchild | View all »

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Production Firm(s) TLÜ Balti filmi, meedia, kunstide ja kommunikatsiooni instituudi (BFM) audiovisuaalse meedia õppekava
Film Category Students film, Documentary
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Subtitles English
Duration 21:34


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Producer Aleksander Seema
Director Aleksander Seema
Cinematographer Aleksander Seema
Editor Aleksander Seema

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