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The Wings (2019)

Original title: Tiivad

Animation Duration 12:30

Freak inventor Jaan's far fetched dreams about ascending to the clouds are about to materialize when he's joined by the great Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci's spirit. Instead, Jaan's wife Lisa, neglected by the crazy genius, gets metamorphosed into a winged creature and is "catapulted" into the blue skies, where dreams meet.

Director: Riho Unt

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Production Firm(s) Nukufilm
Film Category Animation, Puppet
Duration 12:30


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Producer Kerdi Oengo | Andres Mänd
Director Riho Unt
Screenwriter Riho Unt
Cinematographer Ragnar Neljandi
Art Director Riho Unt
Animator Marili Sokk | Triin Sarapik-Kivi | Märt Kivi
Composer Olav Ehala
Editor Ragnar Neljandi | Riho Unt

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Award, Reggio Film Festival (Reggio Emilia, Italy), 2020, The best philosophical and scientific content short movie

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