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Snowbirds (2018)

Original title: Kliimapagulased

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Documentary Duration 28:30


The Ladies of Our Village (Meie Küla Eided) picture series have made Ave Nahkur one of the best known naivist artists in her homeland. For years she and her partner Imre have run an art café in Raudoja and been active in the field of tourism and art. Lively and straightforward Ave hates cold and dark winter and the depression that comes with it. At one moment things have gone so bad that she decides to make a turn in her life and move to a mountain village in La Gomera, one of the Spain's Canary Islands. Making a new ...

Director: Maria Uppin | Robi Uppin

Keywords: signing autographs | Estonian culture in exile | Estonians abroad | analyzing life | rural life | meaning of life | perspectives of life | life on an island | life abroad | buoyancy | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Black Plastic Media Productions
Film Category Documentary, Portrait
Text / Dialogue Estonian, hispaania
Duration 28:30


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Producer Maria Uppin
Director Maria Uppin | Robi Uppin
Cinematographer Robi Uppin
Composer Robi Uppin | Eerik Kändler
Sound Designer Robi Uppin
Editor Kaisa Pitsi | Maria Uppin

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