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Last Sentinel (2023)

Original title: Viimane vahipost

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Feature film | Thriller | Science fiction | Horror Duration 112:00

Last Sentinel

Set in the future on a war-ravaged Earth, four soldiers man Sentinel – a remote military base in a vast ocean
that separates two warring continents. They await the relief or the enemy, whichever comes first. But as the empty weeks turn to months, a paranoia descends testing relationships to breaking point.
Whilst their tour of duty ended 3 months ago, the relief crew still hasn’t shown up. Alone and uncertain as to their fate, the simmering tension amongst the crew only escalates when a mysterious boat drifts into range – is it the help they have been waiting so long for, ...

Director: Tanel Toom

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Production Firm(s) Allfilm, Kick Film (Germany), Sentinel Entertainment (United Kingdom)
Film Category Full length feature, Feature film
Genre Thriller, Science fiction, Horror
Duration 112:00, 112:00


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Leading roles
Supporting roles

Ben Pullen - Marine Sergeant | Karin Tammaru - Marine Corporal | Jan Erik Ehrenberg - Marine 1 | Monika Tuvi - Marine 2

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