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Undergods (2020)

Feature film | Drama Duration 92:00

Detailed information

Title Area
Parallel title Undergods
General material designation Video
Film Production Area
Production Companies Z56film (United Kingdom)
Co-Producers Homeless Bob Production, Velvet Films (Belgium), Filmgate Films (Sweden), Black Dog Films (United Kingdom)
Supporters Eesti Filmi Instituut, Eesti Kultuurkapital, British Film Institute (United Kingdom), Film and Audio-visual Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Belgium), Casa Kafka Pictures (Belgium), Film i Väst (Sweden), RSA Films (United Kingdom), Scott Free Films (United Kingdom)
Copyright Area
Copyright owners February Sixteen Films, Vennerfilm
© note on film © 2019 February Sixteen Films, Velvet Films, Homeless Bob Production, Media Plus, Filmgate Films, British Film Institute
Distribution Area
Distributors February Sixteen Films, Vennerfilm
Agents February Sixteen Films, Vennerfilm
Physical Description Area (video)
Basic physical description (video) 92:00, color, 1,85:1; Dolby; DCP

Partners and Sponsors

  • Kultuuriministeerium
  • EFI
  • Eesti Kultuurkapital
  • ERR
  • Rahvusarhiiv
  • BFM
  • Kinoliit
  • Eesti Filmiajakirjanike ühing
  • Tallinnfilm