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Verba Dierum: a year with Marju Lepajõe (2019)

Original title: Marju Lepajõe. Päevade sõnad

Documentary Duration 58:00


People wander around looking for their lives that will always remain unattainable.
This film is about Marju Lepajõe, who was a classical philologist, a religious historian and a lecturer at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Tartu. With a witty charm, Marju reflects on the modern world, where the need and the ability to deal with a subject matter in depth have become insignificant. Even universities, temples of erudition and culture, are losing their intellectual aspect. Where can a scholar find their place in these unfavourable circumstances? The viewers get a chance to follow Marju on her path towards refined wording and personal truth. This is an encounter that broadens the mind, offers comfort and inspires.

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