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A Bad Scene: Nissan Patrol (2017)

Original title - Paha lugu: Nissan Patrol

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Feature film Duration 13:00

"A Bad Scene" is a film compilation, which speaks about the darker currents hiding in human relationships, situations, which are practically inescapable, in five different ways. Harassment, mental violence, manipulation, cornering – these topics are current in both politics as well as private sphere. In these nightmarish confrontations, dramatics, mysticism as well as twisted comedy can be found.
The main character of the first short film “Nissan Patrol” by Katrin Maimik and Andres Maimik is art student Jane, who hitchhikes on a secluded road and is picked up by a manly SUV. The youngster behind
the wheel misunderstands the girl’s carefree behaviour ...

Director: Andres Maimik | Katrin Maimik

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Production Firm(s) Kuukulgur Film
Film Category Feature film, Short
Duration 13:00


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Producer Andres Maimik
Director Andres Maimik | Katrin Maimik
Screenwriter Andres Maimik | Katrin Maimik
Cinematographer Mihkel Soe
Art Director Adele Thele Robam
Composer Sten Sheripov
Editor Andres Maimik

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  • in cinema: 12.01.2018 "A Bad Scene" premiere, Cinema Sõprus, Tallinn, Estonia

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