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50 years from home (1994)

Original title: Kaugel kodumaast - 50 aastat

Exhibition of Estonian history in Toronto

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Amateur film Duration 10:22

Exhibition "50 Years From Home" depicting the history and culture of expatriate Estonians in Toronto. Exposition has been dividded into decades. There are photos of each decade on stands and desks as well as documents in photo albums. Visitors are browsing through the albums. Photos of the events taken place in 1994 are hanging on the stand - the chess tournament, Edgar Väär with the film camera, stage production etc. The posters and stands of various culture events. Exposition introducting the activities of scouts. Art exhibition presents paintings and sculptures of various sizes. Designer Vello Hubel gives a TV interview ...

Keywords: introducing history | historical treatment | designer | interviewing | on the verge of two cultures | expatriate Estonians in Canada | continuity of culture | introducing one's culture | recollections | checking out the exhibition pieces | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Edgar Väär (Canada)
Film Category Amateur film, Newsreel
Text / Dialogue English, Estonian
Duration 10:22


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Cinematographer Edgar Väär

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