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Baltics Art in Toronto (1992)

Title in Estonian: Balti kunst Torontos

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Amateur film | Other categories Duration 18:18

Baltics Art in Toronto

Exhibition of modern art "Baltics Arts during Brezhnev Era" is opened in an art gallery in Toronto. Estonian art historian living in Canada, Eda Sepp (simultaneous translation), is giving explanations in front of the artwork by Malle Leis. According to Sepp, forms of the so-called contemporary art were not favoured during the Soviet era; sociocritical messages and meanings in the art of painting were hidden. Artist Siim-Tanel Annus (syncro) is talking (simultaneous translation) about the unofficial art in Estonia with the example of his abstract artwork and performance art pieces from 1980s. The latter disturbed officials in the field of ...

Keywords: avant-garde art | Baltic art | Estonian art | Estonian art abroad | performance art | interviews | expatriate Estonians in Canada | figurative art | art gallery | art exhibition | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Edgar Väär (Canada)
Film Category Amateur film, Newsreel, Other categories, Film footage
Text / Dialogue English
Duration 18:18


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Cinematographer Edgar Väär

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