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War over the Flying Squirrel (2018)

Original title: Lendoravasõda

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Documentary Duration 28:00

War over the Flying Squirrel

With their plans to expand the protected zone of the Siberian flying squirrel, a species on the verge of extinction, nature conservationists have upset the landowners of the protected areas. The owners are deprived of the opportunity to earn income from their forestland, without being offered adequate compensation. A couple of dozen families in Viru County must assume the nature conservation responsibility of “the whole of Estonia”. They are clearly not interested in being bestowed all that honour and decide to take on the battle of defending their rights. The ensuing passion is difficult to keep under control. The film ...

Director: Heli Tetlov

Keywords: car ride | private ownership | heina niitmine käsivikatiga | kaitseala | environmental policy | court case | meeting | country house falling apart | flying squirrel | nature and environment protection | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Vesilind
Film Category Problem oriented, Documentary
Duration 28:00


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Producer Riho Västrik
Director Heli Tetlov
Screenwriter Heli Tetlov
Cinematographer Tanel Tero | Loore-Emilie Raav | Riho Västrik | Joosep Matjus
Composer Robert Jürjendal
Sound Designer Ekke Västrik
Editor Heli Tetlov | Sergei Kibus

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  • in cinema: 21.02.2018, Cinema Artis, Tallinn, Estonia

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