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Love express (2018)

Documentary Duration 72:00

Detailed information

Title Area
Parallel title Love Express. Przypadek Waleriana Borowczyka
Love Express. The Disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk
Alapealkiri 1968. First Chapter. Goto, Isle of Love.
1974. Chapter 2. Immoral Tales.
1975. Chapter 3. The Beast.
1976. Chapter 4. The Margin.
General material designation Video
Filmi aeg 1946-2006
Film Production Area
Production Companies Colab Pictures (Poland)
Co-Producers HBO Europe (), Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland), Maagiline Masin , Otter Films (Poland)
Supporters Polish Film Institute (Poland), Eesti Filmi Instituut
Copyright Area
Copyright owners Colab Pictures, HBO Europe, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Maagiline Masin , Otter Films
© note on film Copyright © 2018 CoLab Pictures – HBO Europe s.r.o. – Instytut Adama Mickiewicza – Maagiline Masin – Otter Films
Distribution Area
Distributors New Europe Film Sales
Physical Description Area (video)
Basic physical description (video) 72:00, color, bw, 16:9, DCP

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