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Love? (2017)

Students film | Thriller | Drama Duration 28:15

Plot summary

Anil Kapuri's psychological drama of jealousy and emotional instability.

Tom (Vallo Kirs) wakes up from a nightmare about his girlfriend Liis (Klaudia Tiitsmaa), who lies next to him. He is in love and makes plans with her for the weekend. He works at a warehouse and there his colleague teases him about Liis, because he hasn't seen her for a while. As Tom goes on with his daily routine, he sees a woman walking with another man who looks like Liis and this makes him wonder. When confronted, she denies it and Tom tries to let it go, but is still bothered about it. Shortly after he sees her again with the man, he gets certain that she must be lying. His colleague adds fuel to the fire joking around the touchy subject of relationships and this makes Tom more and more emotionally unbalanced. Still determined to make the weekend trip happen Tom borrows the colleagues car, where he makes an unsettling discovery - a gun. Being all riled up, Tom confronts Liis once again, but still doesn’t get the right answer and ends up getting emotionally attacked in return. Broken, he takes time to recollect and tries to find a way to fix things. As he drives towards home, he sees Liis walking to a guesthouse and decides to follow her. Driven by rage and impulse Tom tries to set things straight once and for all, taking the gun he discovered earlier. As he reaches the tip point of his instability, only thing he gets closure on is that he's been mistaking a stranger for his girlfriend all along. But it wasn't a simple mistake of an eye after all - his subconscious was trying to tell him something all along about Liis.

Keywords: jealousy | man-woman relationship | psyche | mental health | View all »

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