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Fire Lily (2018)

Original title: Tuliliilia

Feature film | Thriller | Drama | Supernatural Duration 82:00

Detailed information

Title Area
Parallel title Fire Lily
Working title Olend
General material designation Video
Film Production Area
Production Companies Meteoriit
Co-Producers Single Man Productions (France), Emotions Films France (France), Umedia Productions (Belgium), Ugri Film
Supporters Eesti Filmi Instituut, Eesti Kultuurkapital, uFund (Netherlands), Belgian Tax Shelter (Belgium)
Copyright Area
Copyright owners Meteoriit, Ugri Film, Single Man Productions, Emotions Films France
© note on film © 2018 Meteoriit OÜ/Ugri Film OÜ/Single Man Productions/Emotions Films France All rights reserved
Distribution Area
Distributors Estonian Theatrical Distribution, The Yellow Affair
Physical Description Area (video)
Basic physical description (video) 82:00, color, DCP; 2,39:1; 5.1

Partners and Sponsors

  • Kultuuriministeerium
  • EFI
  • Eesti Kultuurkapital
  • ERR
  • Rahvusarhiiv
  • BFM
  • Kinoliit
  • Eesti Filmiajakirjanike ühing
  • Tallinnfilm