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Miriam at the Lakeside (2017)

Original title: Miriam järve ääres

Animation Duration 05:00


Director’s note about the animated short “Miriam at the Lakeside”

Thank God I have the grandchildren at hand, there is no need to go to the neighbors or ask the stranger children to watch a film from TV for 5 minutes!

Miriam’s adventures are meant for children and may the evaluation come from them also! There is no need to involve the grown-ups, mothers-fathers or even grandparents! For them there are films for adults with adult problems such as sex, violence, deportation and as usual in Estonian films – alienation.

It is not easy to create something new and interesting for the children of contemporary world whose favorites are Pokemons from the Country of Rising Sun on Disney’s and Pixar’s absolutely similar characters, may them be then either Lion Kings or Braves. But children like them and don’t even try to forbid them. Well, we are not some kind of mormons...

While creating “Miriam at the lakeside” I tried to originate from the taste and acknowledgement of contemporary children but not in that sense that I only changed the characters to Disney ones. There is a family as usual: mommy, daddy, Miriam, Little Brother and Hen, but the pace of the film is quicker and thanks to that there are more adventures. And there is also a dilemma – who is the real head of the family? The car-driving, tent-up-putting and carrying-the-bags-as-a-camel mother or cosily on the deck-chair sprawling and
barbequeing father. Well, the children have to decide which of the parents is alienating from his role!

It is nice to plan and create for the children who is the most gorgeous and spontaneous audience, being at the same time also the most demanding since they are not making any discounts.

With best regards,

Riho Unt

In Tallinn, February 27, 2017

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