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Sparkling Rivers (2016)

Original title: Sädemete jõed

Documentary Duration 51:54


Georgia is not only a country of wine and high mountains, but it is has also more than 25 000 rivers. Running water is a richness, that has been noticed by a lot of investors and made Georgia their desired destination. Even now 80 per cent of Georgian electricity comes from hydroelectricity power plants and in the near future there are plans to construct more than 100 new stations. For thousands of people it means they have to be resettled. Shady deals, unclear investors registered in tax havens, energy minister’s business interests in the hydro construction company and deaths by landslides during construction of one large hydro. Is that a fair price for Georgian people have to pay? Environmental activist Dato Chipashvili fights against these hundred million investment projects putting the interests of local people and transparency first.

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