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The Perpetuum Mobile And Infinite Souls (2017)

Original title: Perpetuum mobile ja piiritud hinged

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Documentary Duration 27:39

Anni’s biggest dream is to build a perpetual motion machine – the perpetuum mobile. The machine is impossible to build because it violates the most basic laws of physics. But Anni isn’t discouraged because she also violates the most basic laws of life. Her boundless energy has pulled her out of hell, changed her from a man into a woman and given her a new mission: to give us back what the universe offers – free energy.
Her friend and spiritual father, secular monk Harri’s biggest dream is to create harmony between people’s bodies, spirits and their true selves; to free ...

Director: Kaido Veermäe | Marianne Kõrver

Keywords: alternative lifestyle | turning point in life | special people | predestination | gravitatsioon | intimidation | lapik Maa | inventor | trapped | monk | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Klaasmeri
Film Category Documentary, Portrey
Duration 27:39

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  • in cinema: 22.03.2017, Cinema Artis, Tallinn, Estonia
  • on television: 12.04.2017, ETV, Estonia

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