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A Fragile World (2016)

Original title: Habras maailm

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Documentary Duration 38:16

A Fragile World

The film depicts two different worlds - man made and natural - opposites both in terms of content and form.
One of the most striking features of Estonian nature are its bog landscapes. Bogs act as a kind of filter by absorbing exhaust gas and cleaning the air for people to breathe. Bogs are also good at safeguarding groundwater. Still, it is not all blue skies ahead for these natural landscapes.
The film depicts two different worlds, opposites both in terms of content and form. Products of evolution, the irregular natural landscapes together with their inhabitants stand in opposition to manmade regularity, ...

Director: Ants Tammik

Keywords: change of one's living environment | riverscape | river | kakupoeg | bear | field harvester operator | swamp | redesigning of nature | natural habitats | working machines | View all »

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Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Vesilind
Film Category Nature, Documentary
Duration 38:16


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Producer Riho Västrik
Director Ants Tammik
Cinematographer Ants Tammik
Composer Aivar Surva
Sound Designer Kauri Lemberg
Editor Ants Tammik

First releases

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  • on filmfestival: 21.09.2016, Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia
  • in cinema: 15.12.2016, Cinema Artis, Tallinn, Estonia

Festivals, awards, nominations

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  • Award, Matsalu Nature Film Festival (Estonia), 2016, Category: Man and Nature - Best Cinematography
  • Prize, Annual Award of AV Division of Estonian Cultural Endowment (Estonia), 2016, Young Filmmakers' Prize: Ants Tammik - for enchanting cinematography; Producer of the Year: Riho Västrik - for dedicated work in documentaries "Come Back Free", "A Fragile World", "Bonus Track"
  • Award, EFTA - National Estonian Film and Television Awards (Estonia), 2017, Best Short Film

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