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A young adventurer named Sherman is walking around in a desolated soviet-style world where nature has taken over, moving away from an isolated city and out into the wild.
He finds the curious entrance to an underground bunker as a windstorm brews behind him and, after doubting for a moment, proceeds to open the door and enter into the unknown. He soon realizes it was a mistake however, as the wind seemingly pushes the door to slam shut behind him and traps him completely from the outside world.
With no help from his holographic AI wristwatch, he explores the bunker and gets confronted by an unknown creature, screaming behind a vault door and a dead traveler, who had met the same faith that was waiting for our hero. While looting the dead traveler's things, Sherman finds, unknown to him at first, the necessary items that will ultimately help him escape the deathtrap he had accidentally put himself into. Or will they?

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