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Eat me! (2016)

Students film | Comedy | Musical films, dance Duration 20:56

Glittering socialite Laura starts slipping from the daily reality of a weight obsessed rich man's mistress. While on a fancy dinner with her gluttonous lover she enters a strange world where food dances and sings. The whirlwind of dance blows the air out of Laura's head and she becomes a different type of girl...
How people treat each other is mirrored in the way we treat our environment and our food. That's why “Eat me” focuses on our attitude to food, its dubious contents and food waste through the prism of a skewed relationship.

Director: Ilina Perianova

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Production Firm(s) TLÜ Balti filmi, meedia, kunstide ja kommunikatsiooni instituudi (BFM) filmikunsti õppekava, Uga Buga Art ()
Film Category Students film, Music video
Genre Comedy, Musical films, dance
Text / Dialogue English
Subtitles English
Duration 20:56


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Producer Ilina Perianova
Director Ilina Perianova
Screenwriter Katariina Rebane
Cinematographer Alexander Krumov
Art Director Marianna Perianova

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