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Manna (2016)

Original title (in Russian): "Манна"

Students film Duration 20:09

Plot summary

The story of Holocaust in the city of Pärnu.

In the beautiful forest close to calm and cold Baltic Sea one can find a lonely brotherly grave with a memorial stone plate with names of innocently buried children killed during the time of the Second World War. The protagonist is placing little stones on the top of memorial plate, stones which in the Jewish tradition symbolizes the lasting presence of the deceased’s life and memory.
This film is a dedication to Holocaust victims, to the little ones, to innocent Jewish children killed during the genocide. How many stories remain untold one doesn’t know, every year the list of perished continues to be filled with new names.
All the local Jews were killed within first months of German occupation. There were less than thousand and it did not take long to eliminate all of them including their descendants.
The main story teller - Hanna as a child before war was living in Tallinn and when Nazis entered Estonia, her family still had a chance to evacuate and years later return to Estonia alive. During the peace time Hannas family moved to Pärnu; and today Hanna as a chairman of Pärnu Jewish Community and as an excursionist by profession is able to tell the tragic story that took place in 1941 in Pärnu.
Beautiful resort town of Pärnu has seen much better days when inevitable war has entered its territory. Among the first ones to meet Holocaust in Estonia were 34 innocent Jews children who’s life stoped on 2d of November 1941 in the building of Jewish prayer hall. 

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