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Sacrifice (2016)

Original title (in Estonian): "Ohverdus"

Students film | Comedy | Drama Duration 21:00

Plot summary

A fairytal about father and daughter, who moved to the countryside.

The year is 1994. Father Peeter (Üllar Saaremäe) and daughter Mammu (Triinu Paomets) are forced to move to countryside from Tallinn, and Mammu is not happy about it. They arrive to their cabin in the woods, which belonged to the mother, passed away many years ago. Mammu immediately locks her self up in a room, where she finds an old fairy tale book of from her childhood. Both father and daughter feel like they are being watched.
In the evening, Peeter is visited by the local forest God (Margus Grosnõi), who asks for the daughter`s hand, promises to make her immortal, and Peeter`s life back in return. The God has to pass the tasks set by Peeter, to prove that he is worthy of Mammu. To finish the last task, Mammu helps the God. Daughter and God leave to the forest, but Peeter runs after them, as God did not give him anything in return. Mammu persuades father to go back home. As Peeter returns home he hears the voice of his deceased wife greeting him. 


Keywords: father-daughter relationship | god | forest life | muinasjutt | mysticism | View all »

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