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The Frogs’ Journey (2015)

Original title: Konnade tee

Documentary Duration 28:00


They have lived here longer than us. And now it is our duty to help them.
Every spring, frog migration starts in tens of areas around Estonia. Hundreds, even thousands of frogs can die in migration areas.
“The Frogs’ Journey” talks about people who volunteer on rainy spring evenings to help frogs across the road.
Epp is responsible for the action on Piibe Highway. Epp is a true believer in frogs. She loves the ungainly amphibians and believes that an action to help nature can save the world – and that’s what this is. It all takes place at night. And in horrible weather conditions. Who are these people on the road? “The Frogs’ Journey” observes these strange people in yellow vests. And the frogs.

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