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Belowed Be The One Who Sits Down (2013)

Students film | Drama Duration 07:08

Belowed Be The One Who Sits Down

A man is sitting on a chair throughout different stages of his life and is confronted by a voice, which always reproaches the protagonist not meeting the generally accepted standards of the society. Already from the moment of birth a human is expected to educate himself in all the meanings of this word, so that he could eventually become a useful part of the society. But what happens if a man refuses to concede to such expectations? What happens if a man is honest to himself and remains motionless throughout his whole life?

Director: Vytautas Tinteris

Keywords: existentialism | fear | expectation | disappointment | protest | making choices | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Balti Filmi- ja Meediakooli meediaosakond
Film Category Students film, Short
Genre Drama
Text / Dialogue English
Duration 07:08


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Producer Vytautas Tinteris | Liva Kalnina
Director Vytautas Tinteris
Screenwriter Vytautas Tinteris
Cinematographer Liva Kalnina
Sound Designer Ann Kaer
Editor Liva Kalnina | Vytautas Tinteris

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