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Let’s play (2015)

Original title (in Russian): "Поиграем"

Students film | Thriller Duration 09:00

Plot summary

Sasha an eleven year old boy, his sister and her boyfriend are playing on an ouija board. The sister Julia and her boyfriend are summoning the devil as joke. The young couple leaves the boy alone in the house. He is hungry and searching for food , when the electricity stops.
Sasha meets a strange boy in her sister’s room. The boy invites him to eat a chicken. Meanwhile he provokes hatred in Sasha, causing him to destroy many objects in his sister room. Accidentally Sasha cuts his hand with scissors. The devil boy drinks Sasha’s blood and disappears.
The sister comes back. Terrified she runs to her passed out brother. He wakes up and kills her with the scissors. 

Keywords: visions | unexpected situation | boy | vaimude väljakutsumine | View all »

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