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Miriam’s Stray Dog (2015)

Original title: Miriami kodutu koer

Animation | Family Duration 05:00


Director’s note on the film “Miriam’s Stray Dog”

Miriam’s Stray Dog is a story with happy end and it describes how a strange dog appears to Miriam’s garden. By the end of the film the dog still finds it’s master and we learn also the reason why it ended up at Miriam’s place.
The script is by Leelo Tungal and Peep Pedmanson and was quite concise, but it is still with a very clear message. I had to cut the story in order to fit into the 5-minute format.
The film is one whole and entirely understandable for kids and allows to share the feelings of the dog, children and the hen, experience their actions and makes them thing about several thing such as why did the dog appeared at Miriam’s in the first place.
And the film teaches also humanity and compassion to small animals.

Andres Tenusaar

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