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To Light (2015)

Original title (in Estonian): Valguseks/Valguseni/Valgusena

Students film Duration 33:37

Plot summary

TO LIGHT is a poetic documentary about a mother and son, who decided to stay behind when the Estonian town of Pechora became the Russian town of Pechora. After seventy years there is hardly anything Estonian left in the town.

Pechora is a town on the South-Eastern border of Estonia with Russia. Most Estonians left the area after the Soviet take-over.  Linda and Mart Kallas try to maintain contact with their homeland, but this is no cure for their loneliness. Now they only have each other. The mother needs the son and the son needs the mother. The mother is at the very end of her life. The son is searching for light in the darkness.

Keywords: mother-son relationship | church | birthday | Russification | loneliness | View all »

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