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Unt´s hour (2015)

Original title: Unditund

Documentary Duration 54:00


One of the most extraordinary personas in Estonian cultural history is undoubtedly the writer, director, publicist, lecturer and a public figure Mati Unt.

The Documentary Unt’s Hour takes us back to the bright generation of the ‘60s with their innovative and creative ideas in the literary world and the theatre. The film depicts Mati Unt as a charismatic persona, a phenomenal thinker and an anarchist who used cinematic tools to reinvent old forms. The film includes never before seen footage of Mati during his creative process and among his friends. The story centers on different groups of friends that formed over the years which provide the basis for the selection of characters. The Salon of Mati’s best friend Vaino Vahing in Tartu which brought together writers, scientists, and theatre pioneers; and the literary salon at Vilde tee in Tallinn in the home of Mati Unt and Kersti Kreismann at the beginning of Mati’s career as a director in the Youth Theatre in Tallinn.

Mati’s works and creative methods are analyzed and his relationships with the ladies are examined. The word is given to his closest friends, combatants, former sweethearts and competitors.

Unt looked for love his entire life among his friends, his ladies as well as his audience. Did he find it?

The film is created by Maria Avdjushko; the participants include Paul-Eerik Rummo, Jaan Kaplinski, Maimu Berg, Viivi Luik, Ingo Normet, Arvo Valton, Kersti Kreismann, Joel Sang and Kalju Komissarov.

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