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Raggie (2020)

Original title: Sipsik

Animation Duration 74:00


Ruby is turning six and her life is in balance – she has an older brother Mark, who is her best friend and always has time to play with her. Then summer is over and Mark has to go back to school. He won´t have time for her sister anymore. Ruby is devastated. Mark decides to make Ruby a new companion: a doll - Raggie. In a wonderful magical moment, Raggie comes to life, at least in Ruby´s perception. Now she has eyes for her new friend only and Ruby spends all her days with Raggie. This changes the relationship between brother and sister, and causes problems in the family. Raggie feels guilty for dividing the brother and sister. He decides to leave the family hoping that this will bring the siblings back together. Not known to Raggie though, Ruby is heartbroken once again. When Mark realizes that Ruby will go through fire and ice in order to find her doll, he agrees to join her on the rescue mission.

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