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Kihnu lapsed pool sajandit hiljem (2014)

Documentary Duration 28:33

Director Mark Soosaar gets in touch with the people from the Kihnu island who were once filmed as children half a century ago, in 1964. Now that the same people are in their sixties they watch the old documentary about them. The black-and-white film frames recall memories and flashbacks. Reunion with former schoolmates is sincere and heart-warming. Time has changed a lot in Kihnu island. Outer world intrudes into every home, lots of residents of Kihnu island have moved to the mainland or even abroad. Does Kihnu language and spirit have a future?

Director: Mark Soosaar

Keywords: passing of time | realistic setting | discussion | watching a film on computer | singing of an anthem | fishermen | peeling potatoes | chemistry class | people of Kihnu island | Kihnu language | View all »

Main Data

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Production Firm(s) Weiko Saawa Film
Film Category Documentary, Observation
Text / Dialogue Estonian, FILM_LANGUAGES_KIHNU
Duration 28:33


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Producer Mark Soosaar
Director Mark Soosaar
Screenwriter Mark Soosaar
Cinematographer Mark Soosaar
Editor Mark Soosaar

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