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Making Rain (2007)

Original title: Vihma tegemine

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Documentary Duration 57:00

The Vumba Hills in central Mozambique, close to the Zimbabwe border, are the kingdom of Mambo (Chief) Chirara. The Mambo’s leading position is acknowledged by the government, and in addition to being the region's most important spiritual leader, the Mambo has the right to hold court cases that deal with minor crimes, problems involving spirits and domestic affairs. He is assisted by several subchiefs and ritual leaders. In the northernmost corner of the Mambo’s kingdom, Mbuya Gondo, an over 70-years-old woman, is a spiritual medium. She often holds ceremonies at a well-known rock drawing site. Mambo Chirara is not pleased ...

Director: Liivo Niglas | Frode Storaas

Keywords: tribal nations | härgadega kündmine | cliffs | church | goat | koopasse peitumine | Christian rituals and procedures | cultivating with a hoe | children | country | View all »

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Production Firm(s) MP DOC
Film Category Documentary, Antropological
Subtitles Estonian
Duration 57:00

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