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The Master (2015)

Original title: Isand

Based on a short story by Friedebert Tuglas „Popi and Huhuu“

Animation Duration 18:00


Director’s note on the film „THE MASTER“

Meeting point – the kitchen

For me the word „kitchen“ associates with the morning coffee in the first place. It banishes the last sleepiness from the eyes and helps to concentrate on the upcoming day, one by one.
The kitchen can be compared with a living room, but the bedroom can’t be. Coffee and mugs are like books on the shelves – each one of them has its own title, message and colour. Pick the one you want. The mugs are inviting and luring, they promise and plead. Pick the one you need. Beginning from „I’m the boss“ till „Good night“ with a sweet picture of a teddy bear. Most of all there are travelogues – the mugs with fancy pictures are declaring: Sidney by Night, Welcome to Venice, etc., etc.
If you would like to enjoy good art in the kitchen then you need a table plate from wood. It is like a graphical list, a gravure where a sharp kitchen knife is continuously carving new images.
If you make your fantasy rolling you’ll find from the table plate everything the stately art history has to offer. Mostly abstractionism of course, a good half of the plate belongs to Piccasso. If you have an extremely vivid fantasy then you can also see a smiling mouth that could belong to Mona Lisa. And the most important thing – why I started to praise kitchen in the first place and why I consider it the most important room in the flat? During creating the film “The Master” I was lucky to have a chance to happen in two most extraordinary kitchens together with very extraordinary people who have left their touch to this film too.
I am sincerely grateful to the masters of those kitchens - Kersti Sumera, Nora Pärt and Arvo Pärt.

With respect, Riho Unt
Director of the animated film „The Master“

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