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Northern Starfish (2014)

Original title: Põhjatäht

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Animation Duration 14:13

A diver discovers the fateful connection between starfish and the stars in the sky. When a star disappears from the heavens one night, a Mafioso notices it and immediately starts suspecting the diver. The Mafioso’s girlfriend seduces and drugs the diver in order to find the
lost star but she falls asleep herself as well. In their sleep, they fall in love and that makes the Mafioso lose his temper. The stars in the sky hopelessly lose their balance and the evil starfish launch their attack. The dream is full of horror and tragedy.
When they wake up, the woman and ...

Director: Mattias Mälk

Keywords: agents | love story | falling in love | discovery | hirmus unenägu | disaster | pursuing | surveillance | city | natural disaster | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Eesti Joonisfilm
Film Category Animation, Cartoon
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 14:13

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