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Noah (2014)

Original title (in Estonian): "Noa"

Students film | Comedy Duration 15:28

Plot summary

Politician releases untested virus upon lower class of society in order to make citizens controllable and maintain the power. Things go awry; virus turns dead people into zombies. A scientist is left responsible to find a cure for a virus or she will be blamed for all the mayhem. 

Dr Hera – the scientist – is well educated and motivated. Deep down in her heart she believes, that her cause is to create goodness for the world. Politician, the Minister however, is totally opposite for her but they share one common thing. Minister also believes, that he is doing good while destroying the country.

While the situation is unforeseen and a lot is at stake, then Dr Hera is forced to use desperate measures. Getting no support for those who are actually to blame for the chaos her moral compass is driving her on a wrong track without her even noticing it. Doing cruel experiments on two zombies she is actually trying to save her career.

The whole situation is so desperate, that when she is sure that experiments are successful the whole truth is revealed with deadly solution – those two zombies were actually drug addict-persons. And they want their revenge.

The storytelling is dark and humorous with witty dialogue, referring to “Trainspotting” (directed by Danny Boyle, 1996). The tone and atmosphere of the film is a reference to “Night of the Living Dead” (directed by George A. Romero, 1968).

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