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The Winter Ghost (2012)

Original title: Vinterspöket

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Animation | Family Duration 24:23

The story is about 9-year old Hendrick and Annie, and about their relationship. They have to find their own ways to overcome social prejudices before they can become true friends. Poverty and social injustice were part of children’s life in Pieter Bruegel’s world, and they still are in our time. Emotionally the story is about, how it feels to be treated unjustly, a feeling that most of the children experience in some stage of their lives. The Winter Ghost” is, however, told as a classical children’s tale and it ends happily. There is humour and fantasy which add more dimensions ...

Director: Jaana Wahlforss

Keywords: honesty | frightening | jõgi talvel | domestic animals | dogs | kummitus | barn | making peace | stalking | mockery | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Nukufilm, Epidem (Finland)
Film Category Puppet, Animation
Genre Family
Text / Dialogue English
Dubbing Estonian, Finnish, Swedish
Duration 24:23

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