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Three springs of Total Immersion Method (2012)

Original title: Keelekümblejate kolm kevadet

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Documentary Duration 40:00

Three springs of Total Immersion Method

In 2001, the first language class using the Total Immersion Method started in Tallinn Läänemere Grammar School where Russian children were specialised in Estonian language. The documentary series "Total Immersion Method users" was filmed in the spring of 2003 that introduced the life of those graduating from the third grade. In 2007 the filmmakers returned to the students. The documentary "Two springs of the Total Immersion Method" was born. In the spring of 2012, the filmmakers are back again - they follow the activities of the same youngsters who are graduating from the grammar school.

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Director: Vahur Laiapea

Keywords: festive ceremony | discussion | learning Estonian language | reading out | writing a dictation | English language | language problems | class | classmates | classroom | View all »

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Production Firm(s) Ikoon
Film Category Documentary, Observation
Text / Dialogue Estonian, English, Russian
Duration 40:00


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Producer Vahur Laiapea
Director Vahur Laiapea
Cinematographer Vahur Laiapea | Arvo Vilu
Editor Urmas Sepp

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