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The Great Painter (2013)

Original title: Suur maalritöö

Film is based on Ellen Niit and Edgar Valter's book “The Great Painting”

Animation Duration 17:50

Grey world makes people sombre. World full of colours makes people irritated. What is a poor Painter to do if he wants to please this insatiable and daft crowd?
Long-long time ago when the world was created it was grey. People got tired of their ashen realm and demanded a change. Luckily for them a Painter arrived happy to add colours to this drab world. Soon people tired from all the colours and demanded Painter to stop. So Painter created white colour and covered the world with white. Leaving people to admire this new colour Painter took his leave.

Director: Aina Järvine | Meelis Arulepp

Keywords: benevolence | eternalness | total makeover | creative personality | creative process | country | reinterpretation of the world | master | artistry | creating myths | View all »

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Production Firm(s) A Film Eesti
Film Category Animation, Cartoon
Text / Dialogue Estonian
Duration 17:50


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