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2084: Memory spasms (2013)

Original title (in Estonian): "2084: Mälukrambid"

Students film | Science fiction Duration 52:08

Plot summary

Android-scientist awakes seven strangers in a white cube. Connecting them to her computer and inserting a common language to the test subjects, the scientist has begun the artificial making of Estonians. First, the test subjects are brought classical white bread and Omikron encounters the first historical memory, based on the information sent by the android. Having a vision about a family dinner during the plague, he wakes in the white room with a dread of being poisoned. Everyone panics, only to be interrupted by the next memory. Christening bowl filled with water takes Phi to ancient Estonian times, where both a missionary and German soldier are ready to take everything from an Estonian farmer. With the help of a hobgoblin, the family outsmarts the enemy. Waking up from his vision, Phi drives others to seek for someone to blame and the group turns against Delta, the most mysterious and quiet one. Trying to get information from her, they end up driving her into a vision of her own. Delta is taken to the witch trials where a child is being taken to a witch judge for being different. Awaking from the vision, Delta stands up for herself and the attention shifts from seeking blame to finding a common aspect within the group. Trying to find out why they have been chosen, the group is hit by sub zero cold. Instead of ‘why?’, Gamma now dares to ask ‘who is doing it?’ and is taken to her memory. Witnessing an orthodox priest and his attempts at bringing faith to a peasant community, Gamma comes back with a realization of greater powers. Instead of replying, the android then raises the temperature and in the heat of the moment, the test subjects lose themselves into discovering each other’s bodies. Beta then travels to a manor house memory, where a lord is forced to fulfill the first night right night after night. Seeing what problems these kinds of activities can bring about, Beta awakes and tries to get the others out of their comfortable haze. Yet again the android interferes and tries to insert cultural traditions. Forced to folk dance, the marionette episode takes the skeptical Eta to a world war time Jewish family supper. Witnessing the conflict between neighbors, Eta returns with a gun. The gun forces everyone to continue dancing, almost breaking everyone in the process. At the end of the dance, the soldier Ypsilon falls straight into Freedom War. Trying to escape the field, attempting suicide to escape and then fighting on with the help of a friend, Ypsilon comes back to the room as the circle has closed. Everyone is ready to give up. The android is starting to get confused, as she is unable to analyze the independent thoughts arising from the cube. Ypsilon sees the only way out in death and attacks Phi. With this last desperate attempt, the group breaks free.

Keywords: interpretation of historical events | team spirit | tests | repressions | robot vs inimene | war | future vision | freedom | common sufferings | View all »

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